Charity Value

In Pakistan, thousands of charity organizations are working in social welfare and development sector in education, healthcare, economic uplift of individuals and communities. It is very important we redirect our donations to charities helping victims and survivors of terrorism by raising awareness towards misuse of their funding in the shape of terrorist financing.

(a) Whether the charity organisation is deserving or not

(b) Whether the purpose of the charity is lawful or not

(c) Whether the charity organization has any link directly or indirectly with any militant organization

(d) Whether the charity organization has any link with any extremist element of society

(e) Whether the charity organization is complying with the objectives of the donor

(f) Whether the donation to the charity organization may lead to terror financing

(g) Whether the charity organization is proscribed or working under an alternative name

(a) Use any/all investigative means at your disposal, from newspapers to visiting your local administration, to the internet. You must check the reputation and legality of the charity organization before giving donations to it

(b) A common person should go to the premises of the charity organization and assess for oneself whether it is worthy of his/her donation or not. Talk to its staff, as well as its beneficiaries, to get a better idea.

(c) For overseas Pakistanis who are unable to visit an organization personally, they can ask their close relatives based in Pakistan to visit the charity organization on their behalf to see if it is good or not. They can also use GoogleSearch to investigate if the organization has a good reputation, and does not have any scandals associated with it.

(d) The objective of the charity organization should be publically known.

(e) The charity organization should be registered, and its registration number should be displayed on the visible side of its office.

(f) The Registration status of charity organization should be known, along with the explicit address, contact details and bank account details. This can be determined after some sort of verification through you or your associates or from the organization’s website.

(g) The general reputation of the charity organization should be determined and considered.

(h) Assess the literature of the charity organization to assess whether it has any sectarian or extremist element associated with it.

(i) Ask for bank account details and demand for receipt of each transaction to the organization. Prefer to deposit money in the organization’s bank accounts instead of handing over cash to its agents. If the replies of these questions are not satisfactory, it creates doubt over the organization’s credibility

(j) Even after giving money, please continue to keep contact with the organization to ensure that your charity has gone to the cause it was intended for, as well as to remain informed of any new developments related to the organization. You as a done have the right to demand transparency and accountability

(a) Charity begins at home. So one must look around one’s neighborhood or relatives to find deserving people silently waiting for financial assistance

(b) Charity should be given to charity organizations working under the supervision of people reputed to be honest and of integrity (like Abdul Sattar Eidhi and Dr. Adeeb Rizvi), who work in the fields of health, education and other forms of development critical to Pakistan.

(c) Give donation to local known charity organistions working for marginalized individuals of society

(d) The charity organization should be known and renowned in philanthropist activities

If any charity organization does not give satisfactory answers to your questions (as stated above), and their activities seem dubious, then any donors/individuals should immediately inform at 1717 anti-terrorism helpline of NACTA, or to a nearby police station.

Unfortunately, there is no foolproof solution. There are some simple procedures to follow. But the easiest way to avoid inadvertently funding extremism and terrorism, is to give to those organizations that help victims of violence. .

No, Pakistan is blessed with hundreds of excellent charities, social welfare organizations and religious groups doing fantastic work. But people should be aware that certain elements adopt any guise to attract charity money to fund their heinous crimes. .

Yes, such organizations adopt other means like kidnapping and extortion for extracting funds. Government is making every possible effort to curtail their operations but this Haq, Haqdaar Tak is an attempt to raise awareness among the masses on safer charity..

Unfortunately it is not possible to provide a list of these bad charities who we should not donate.Such groups often change their name and operate under different guises. There are some simple ways to avoid inadvertently funding terrorist organizations.

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